Value Chain Integrity

A product’s Value Chain starts from raw materials, through the production process, and continues until the product is delivered to the Customer. The Integrity of this Value Chain must be protected to create Consumer Trust. Value Chain Integrity comprises both Operational and Reputational integrity.

Operational Integrity includes:

  • Quality – can the manufacturer identify and remedy problems that may arise from sourcing the raw materials, through production and distribution to the reach the consumer? Quality includes product recall, product safety and traceability,
  • Operational Philosophy - from product creation, R&D, manufacturing process, through to logistics, customer service and handling of product recalls.

Reputational Integrity includes:

  • Social and labour practices and standards, including how employees are treated and the impact of the enterprise on surrounding communities.
  • Environmental practices and standards, addressing environmental issues from responsible sourcing and reduction of waste, to carbon footprint management in distribution and logistics.
  • Ethical practices address both compliance requirements as well as corporate social responsibility processes.

Kloss & Associates will work with the client to develop an integrated strategy to ensure Integrity throughout the Value Chain through Digital Technologies in Track, Trace and Authentication to support the client’s Operational and Reputational Integrity investments.