About Us

KLOSS & Associates helps develop sustainable and socially responsible businesses.

We are a consultancy founded in 2016 by partners who share a common Purpose - to use their multi-disciplinary expertise and experience to help develop sustainable businesses that will have a strong social impact.

With a particular passion for socially responsible production and distribution of natural and wholesome foods, KLOSS & Associates helps such businesses, growers and manufacturers innovate and efficiently access global markets. We focus on strategic positioning, product commercialization, innovation, process design, production automation, data analytics and channel management.

  • Product Conception and Positioning – Defining Purpose, Markets, Pricing, Distribution
  • Commercialisation – From the Laboratory, to Innovation and a Commercial Product
  • Production – Improving Plant and Process Design for Sustainability and Efficiency
  • Protect the Brand – Track, Trace, Authentication for Producers’ Value Chain Protection
  • Global Markets – Leverage IT to Target Consumers, Build New Channels and Markets

KLOSS takes a holistic project development approach, bringing together required experience and specialised expert networks for our clients in order to increase their ability to differentiate and succeed in today’s globally competitive markets. The KLOSS approach includes the design and engineering of processes to integrate technology, engineering and innovation to create scalable, sustainable, global businesses, while protecting your brand along the whole value chain.