The future of farming – The urgency to provide food security and wholesome foods

In these times of a global coronavirus pandemic where every country rich or poor is affected, where geographical lockdowns are not an exception but a rule, and where global labour mobility has been very severely restricted if not altogether stopped, the issue of Food Security and Food Supply Resilience are now urgent issues to be addressed.

Since 2018 KLOSS and Associates has been highlighting sustainable wholesome food farming close to urban centres as important AND urgent areas for countries to expedite research, development and investment in. We have proposed to governments the design and development of such industrial scale “urban farms”, advising them that the technologies and innovations are available, that thinking and planning must sweep aside “old notions” of such farming as being “incompatible with urban centres”. Bureaucratic minds must be opened to listen and learn about land intensification, intensive drug and chemical-free farming, and integrated ecosystem of poultry, horticulture and aquaculture.

WHY do we need to seriously implement wholesome food farming close to urban centres?

Because our citizens deserve to have food security and wholesome foods. The current pandemic, the first in our lifetime but will not be the last, has highlighted the severe damage to supply chains that were taken for granted before this.

These poultry and aquaculture farms are needed in addition to vegetable farms, AND must be designed and operated as sustainable, commercial farms, embracing world class environmental, production and operations standards.

Fig. 1: KLOSS had highlighted the threats – the surprise is that the pandemic touched on all the threats

HOW can traditional farming be transformed into sustainable, wholesome food farms close to urban centres?

The required technologies are already available and proven. KLOSS can integrate these technologies into a Farm 4.0 platform, and this platform should be developed and prototyped for operations and scalability. KLOSS executes this through the Global Urban Farming Alliance (GUFA), which has the multi-disciplinary expertise required. See KLOSS November 11 2018 archived article.

Fig. 2: Wholesome food urban farming technologies can meet Urban Farming 4.0 objectives

GUFA is able to provide a holistic solution to design and develop a sustainable intensive, drug and chemical-free urban farming platform that meets the Urban Farming 4.0 objectives.

WHAT will ensure that Urban Farming 4.0 objectives can be met?

There are four key elements that will be required, and all four have a proven track record:

  • Poultry – intensive, chemical and drug-free poultry farming using biotechnologies has already been supplying poultry to consumers in Singapore through its largest supermarket chain, since 2011. The farm itself is located in Malaysia.
  • Fish – high-quality fish reared without using antibiotics, vaccines and chemicals, and with no micro-plastics contamination, are already being supplied to Singapore consumers since 2019. The aquaculture farm uses closed containment advanced technologies where the harvest volumes are up to 20 times the average production level of current, highly pollutive open sea net technology that have to use chemicals and drugs to keep the fish healthy.
  • Infrastructure – Land-Sea farm infrastructure and specialised modular farm design, development and construction expertise along the production and processing value chain are already available from the partners of GUFA.
  • Operations – Operations are carried out through contracted Farmers brought in and trained by partners in GUFA on Standard Operating Practices for both the Farm 4.0 operations as well as on Food Safety compliance and supply chain management.

The partners of KLOSS & Associates are committed to technology and innovation in accelerating the transformation of traditional farming into sustainable, wholesome food farms close to urban centres.