Sustainable farming of healthy foods for food security

The threat to our food supply has never been as great as what it is today. The potential threats range from political and economic instability in food production areas reducing food sourcing options, to disease or logistics disruptions, to climate change, or to just plain greed driving food fraud and causing food safety challenges for consumers. Robust food security solutions are needed to protect our food and our health. KLOSS & Associates are addressing food security through sustainable drug-free and chemical-free industrial-scale farming projects, applicable for all communities.

*Illustration: “Potential threats to the Food Supply Chain” is the copyright of Kloss & Associates Pte Ltd

Communities are under threat from unsafe foods. Antibiotic laced poultry. Pesticide tainted vegetables. Chemical contaminated fish. Eggs contaminated by an insecticide harmful to human health discovered in the Netherlands – such eggs ending up even in Hongkong. Long and complex supply chains. Greed driven traders and distributors.

(Follow that story in Source: The Guardian).

Most communities expect to find food when they walk into their local supermarket. But only look at the predicament of communities in Venezuela – supermarket shelves are empty, food prices have sky rocketed – if they can even find food. Follow this at (Source: “They’re hunting. The people are hungry!” Reuters January 12, 2018).

It is clear that Food Security is a complex challenge to national governments.

However, this is about you and me.  We live in large urban centres (a city, an urban community), far from rural farms. We cannot keep an eye on all the produce in the markets, in the supermarkets – are the foods safe? Drug-free and chemical-free? They may not even have antibiotic-free chicken if we wanted that. Follow this link from an American in France: (Source - The Guardian) or our archived article on “Chickens – why you should give a cluck..”

Or vegetables grown without heavy doses of chemical fertilisers. Seen the one on the giant carrots grown by the farmers of a certain town –  these wonder-filled giant carrots support the whole area via their premium priced exports? That is in Guatemala, in a town called Almolonga. The giant carrots are real, and are extolled by the community as a blessing from God. Please google the short BBC video clip “God’s giant miracle carrots”, or the full video story from the same (Source - BBC News) – you will enjoy it! And be shocked.

But WHAT IF ….. what if it IS possible to farm sustainably without the use of chemicals like pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or drugs like antibiotics and growth hormones? What if this can be farmed close to urban centres? Supplying large quantities so that it is not just for the elites? This will be a robust food security solution, a truly resilient supply chain for the community.

A simple illustration of where we are today, and where we need to go as communities trying to protect our food for us and for our children. Each community should be able to develop its own quality assured farms, close to them, according to stringent food health and food safety protocols.

*Illustration: “To build robust food security for communities” is the copyright of Kloss & Associates Pte Ltd

Sustainable farming of drug-free and chemical-free foods close to urban areas, in quantities that can meet local market demand, is possible. It needs a holistic, cross-disciplinary, cross sectoral approach.

KLOSS and Associates believes that it has the combination of required technologies for urban farming on an industrial scale, integrating poultry, horticulture and aquaculture in one controlled environment industrial farming ecosystem, all chemical-free and drug-free. Technologies like specialised farming infrastructure design, probiotics technologies, engineering and digital technologies, urban farming technologies, and the knowhow to integrate the animal, plant and fish ecosystems for closed cycle efficiency. Make an appointment for a discussion!