Global Market Reach

The route to markets has been significantly transformed in the past decade by paradigm shifts in business processes, trade flows, globalisation, niche marketing and new distribution channels brought about by digital, internet and cloud technologies. Global competition, brand crowding, distribution inefficiency, counterfeit product proliferation and food fraud are just some of the challenges facing the Natural Foods sector. Successful products face real or counterfeit competition within a very short time.

Enterprises have to address global market reach, customer loyalty and brand protection strategies from the outset, and align their strategies to cost effective distribution execution, together with a focus on target consumer communities. Customer loyalty itself is based on providing consumer assurance and building consumer trust.

Kloss & Associates believes that the authenticity, safety and quality of products throughout the supply chain need to tracked, must be traceable, and be communicated to consumers. Global market reach is then achieved through a strategy that includes clear messaging, targeted marketing and social media. All these steps necessarily apply both digital, internet and cloud technologies.