The Global Urban Farming Alliance

The partners of KLOSS & Associates share a common purpose, to use their extensive expertise and experience to help develop sustainable businesses that have a strong social impact globally.

One such initiative is the Global Urban Farming Alliance (GUFA) established in January 2018 to address commercial opportunities to provide wholesome and quality foods for everyone through responsible farming close to consumers, enhancing food health, food security and food safety. The Alliance comprise expert partners in several core multi-disciplinary areas necessary for the innovations required in design, construction and operation of integrated ecosystem drug-free and chemical-free poultry, horticulture and aquaculture farms producing wholesome and quality food.

Why are we doing this?

GUFA has a very focussed Purpose - to bring wholesome food production close to consumers. “Responsible Farming, Quality Food for Everyone”.

How are we doing this?

GUFA leverages the multi-disciplinary expertise of its partners to provide a holistic solution for intensive drug-free and chemical-free urban farming. We shorten the food supply chain, enhance food quality and food safety, and provide food security for urban populations.

The GUFA partners integrate three farming ecosystems in poultry, horticulture and aquaculture into one integrated ecosystem. This improves the efficiency of resource use, enables the efficient management of food safety, and optimises the infrastructure and operating costs.

What are our objectives?

GUFA designs urban farms with minimal ecological and environmental impact in poultry, horticulture and aquaculture using modular concepts, in collaboration with the farmers’ expertise. We integrate precision farming, process automation and biotechnologies into these modular farms, providing a holistic solution for sustainable urban farming of wholesome foods. GUFA partners pursue global opportunities as a team.

What do the GUFA partners gain from being in the Alliance?

GUFA offers One-Team-One-Stop solutioning to investors and governments for industrial scale drug-free and chemical-free farming close to consumers, thus also addressing food health and food security. The holistic project development made possible from the combined expertise and innovations is much more than each GUFA partner can offer by themselves. GUFA partners cross-sell GUFA expertise globally.

Other GUFA highlights

  • GUFA partners own their background intellectual properties.
  • GUFA partners collaborate to make available the most innovative infrastructure, design and proprietary technologies to exceed the quality and productivity objectives of each partner working alone.
  • Participation in projects is on a first-right-of-refusal basis offered to each partner against required terms for each project. This recognises that each project is different in investment structure, funding, client and commercial objectives, amongst others.

GUFA works globally, and KLOSS invites expressions of interest to explore partnering under GUFA, the development of drug-free and chemical-free urban farms, and investment in integrated, industrial scale urban farms.

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