Our food – The microbes in our body keeps us healthy

The microbes in our human body makes us who we are – and play a very major role in keeping us healthy. Being intricately involved in our well-being, we are now beginning to understand the significant impact of the “good” bacteria, and how a healthy balance keeps in check the “bad” bacteria that is also present. We depend on this vast army of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins. This story is about the human microbiome - the microorganisms in our body.

In previous articles, we wrote about animal farming and agriculture, and how such farming should be drug free and chemical free to ensure that the foods we consume are wholesome and safe. In a large measure this is to ensure that our human microbiome is well taken care of. After all, we have around 20,000 human genes as against between 2 million to 20 million microbial genes in our body, or to put it another way, we have around 10 trillion human cells, versus around 100 trillion microbial cells!

Rob Knight is a pioneer in studying human microbes. “The three pounds of microbes that you carry around with you might be more important than every single gene you carry around in your genome,” he says. Find out why.


Professor Jeff Gordon of Washington University is one of the foremost and respected scholars of the human microbiome. Most of us think of microbes as germs to be feared and killed – hence the over prescription of drugs and especially antibiotics. But in fact they hold the key to not just improving our health, but our health itself. If you have a chance, follow this extract of his work on the surprising power of microbes in our body, from an article published in The Guardian:


For those with less time, here is an easier read also from The Guardian, as explained by Nicola Davis on “Why microbes could be the key to our health” – 26 March 2018:


In summary, caring for our health is about both having the right community of good bacteria that are working together, as well as taking care of the health of these good bacterial communities. This may be simpler than you think, because we were created with this co-habitating microbiome. It is the human practices today that is destroying this harmony and balance, from the types of food we eat or do not consume, and the drugs and chemicals, and especially antibiotics, that are contaminating our food and water – bringing the demise of good bacterial communities in us, and allowing the bad bacteria to make us sick.

KLOSS & Associates has a passion for socially responsible production of natural and wholesome foods, because we understand the importance of protecting the human biome to maintain our health. Contact us on how you can help in investments into the production of drug-free and chemical-free farming for the production of wholesome foods.